Summer Adventures

Every couple has a love story.  One of our favorite things is to hear all about our couple’s love stories.  How and where they met.  How long it took them to fall in love.  How the proposal went.  All the little details in between.  Sometimes they are super romantic.  Sometimes very funny.  No matter what they are, all are unique and special.

We realized that we have never shared our love story.  We want to do that now.  Over the next 12 weeks we will share a piece of our story.  It may not be dramatic.  It may not be earth shattering.  But  it is special.  It is ours.

Part one:  The Night We Met

Part Two: Officially Friends

Part Three:  Still Just Friends

Part Five: First Date

Part Six: First Kiss

Part Seven: Lunch Dates

Part Eight: I Love You

Part Nine: Getting to Know the Families

Part Ten: Asking For Her Hand


Summer came and adventure called the two in opposite directions, as it often does for college age kids.  For Ryan, a second go around to Juneau, Alaska, working at Temsco, a glacier helicopter tour company.  Thus came his extensive knowledge and unusable facts about glaciers.  

As perks of working in tourism, other tour companies would allow complementary tours.  Because of this Ryan was able to get the full southeast Alaska experience, of float planes, whale watching, helicopters, glacier hikes, zip lines and many other exciting adventures.

Amberly’s adventure took her to much warmer shores.  She was able to fulfill a life long dream of living in Hawaii.  She was accepted into BYU Hawaii as a visiting student for the summer.  She spent her warm summer days  basking in the sun on the beaches, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, long boarding, cliff jumping and exploring the amazing island she was on.

Although Alaska and Hawaii are quite different in location, climate, activities, and in just about every way, there was one very important similarity.  The amount of down time both locations provide the two of them.  

Southeast Alaska has a tendency for ‘liquid sun shine’ (as the locals call it).  On these days the helicopters would be grounded and the workers sent home.  On days like these Ryan’s thoughts would often turn to home, remembering family and friends.  On occasion he would muster up some courage and call Amberly.  He liked to call her because she was easy to talk to.  He felt comfortable with her and listening to her stories would bring excitement for their reunion when summer break was over.