First Date

Every couple has a love story.  One of our favorite things is to hear all about our couple’s love stories.  How and where they met.  How long it took them to fall in love.  How the proposal went.  All the little details in between.  Sometimes they are super romantic.  Sometimes very funny.  No matter what they are, all are unique and special.

We realized that we have never shared our love story.  We want to do that now.  Over the next 12 weeks we will share a piece of our story.  It may not be dramatic.  It may not be earth shattering.  But  it is special.  It is ours.

Part one:  The Night We Met

Part Two: Officially Friends

Part Three:  Still Just Friends

Part Four: Summer Adventures

Part Six: First Kiss

Part Seven: Lunch Dates

Part Eight: I Love You

Part Nine: Getting to Know the Families

Part Ten: Asking For Her Hand


Well summers end and fall terms begin, both events drawing Ryan and Amberly back to Utah once more.  Their friendship picked up right where it left off.  They were great friends but always together in a group setting.

A couple of months after returning to Utah, Ryan and his friend decided to take a trip to Portland to visit some friends of theirs who had also worked in Alaska over the summer.  They made the long drive and although they had fun bowling and hanging out with old friends, Ryan’s thoughts kept turning back to a certain girl in Utah.

As they made their drive back from Portland he decided to text Amberly to see how she was doing.  The text he received back gave him an idea that put a smile on his face.  It read something like this:

“Things are good but a guy who lives in my apartment complex just asked me out for a lunch date.  I don’t want to go with him but I’m not really sure how to tell him that.”

The solution was an easy one for Ryan.  Their conversation went as follows:

R:  Tell him you can’t go because you already have a date.
A:  I’m not going to lie to him.
R:  You don’t have to lie.  I’ll take you out.
A:  You don’t even know when it is for.
R:  It doesn’t matter when, I’ll take you out anytime.
A:  Deal!  Where are we going?
R:  I don’t know yet, but I’ll figure it out.

Eight months.  It was eight months since they had met for the first time and now they were officially going to go out on their first date.  No group of friends.  Just the two of them.  Although neither of them admitted it, they were both feeling pretty excited about it.

It ended up being a casual date, as lunch dates usually are.  Ryan took Amberly out to Costa Vida where they talked and laughed over their deliciously large burritos. Conversation flowed easily and their smiles came naturally.