Lunch Dates

Every couple has a love story.  One of our favorite things is to hear all about our couple’s love stories.  How and where they met.  How long it took them to fall in love.  How the proposal went.  All the little details in between.  Sometimes they are super romantic.  Sometimes very funny.  No matter what they are, all are unique and special.

We realized that we have never shared our love story.  We want to do that now.  Over the next 12 weeks we will share a piece of our story.  It may not be dramatic.  It may not be earth shattering.  But  it is special.  It is ours.

Part one:  The Night We Met

Part Two: Officially Friends

Part Three:  Still Just Friends

Part Four: Summer Adventures

Part Five: First Date

Part Six: First Kiss

Part Eight: I Love You

Part Nine: Getting to Know the Families

Part Ten: Asking For Her Hand


After Thanksgiving, more evening drop offs ended with more goodnight kisses.  Although unspoken, this eventually lead to them being official.  It wasn’t long until Ryan and Amberly were spending as much time as possible together.  Amberly’s grades may have suffered slightly, but the cost was well worth the price.

Amberly continued cutting hair at the BYU Barbershop where being covered by multiple people’s hair was a normal thing.  If this grossed Ryan out, he was nice enough to never let on about it.  Because she was also going to school full time she was required to work all day on Saturdays.  Instead of having a whole day free from school and work to spend together having fun, they had to spend most of it apart.  This lead the couple to their weekly Saturday lunch dates.

It quickly became the highlight of the day.  Amberly never knew exactly when her lunch break would begin because she had to coordinate with the other stylists as well as finish any haircuts she was currently working on.  But that was no problem for Ryan with his more than flexible Saturday schedule.  He was willing to wait and accommodate.  When Amberly finally clocked out for lunch, covered in hair, she would eagerly go find Ryan.   Often times he would be waiting in his sweet green jeep at the old Wilk pull though.  She would jump in and off they would drive to a close fast”ish” food place so they could make it back in time for her very short half an hour lunch break.

A favorite restaurant was Panda Express where they worked on perfecting their chopstick skills.  Other days they would end up at L&L Hawaiian BBQ where Ryan would ask all about Amberly’s time in Hawaii.  More often than not they would stay on campus and eat at the ever so cool Cougar Eats, maximizing their time together.  There they talked, joked, teased, flirted and laughed.  Time always flew by too quickly but they cherished those moments spent together. 

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