I Love You

Every couple has a love story.  One of our favorite things is to hear all about our couple’s love stories.  How and where they met.  How long it took them to fall in love.  How the proposal went.  All the little details in between.  Sometimes they are super romantic.  Sometimes very funny.  No matter what they are, all are unique and special.

We realized that we have never shared our love story.  We want to do that now.  Over the next 12 weeks we will share a piece of our story.  It may not be dramatic.  It may not be earth shattering.  But  it is special.  It is ours.

Part one:  The Night We Met

Part Two: Officially Friends

Part Three:  Still Just Friends

Part Four: Summer Adventures

Part Five: First Date

Part Six: First Kiss

Part Seven: Lunch Dates

Part Nine: Getting to Know the Families

Part Ten: Asking For Her Hand


Each day and each week Amberly and Ryan became closer and more comfortable with each other.  Even though they spent a lot of time paired off with just the two of them, they also spent many evenings, days and adventures with their good group of friends.  They were a close bunch and didn’t want to loose those fun relationships.

When it was time to part ways and everyone would head home, it was quite typical, and had been for some time, to split with a very platonic “Bye, love you guys.”  It was said by all and casually meant.  But when this was said by either Ryan or Amberly they would be sure to look at someone else in the group, not at each other.  Although they had said “love you” to each other many times before as friends, they knew if they were to say it at this point it would mean something different, something more.  Those feelings were budding and growing but they were cautious and unsure about moving to the next level of their relationship.


It was one of those days that fade into the past, where everything normal happens.  A day that fills the time between times.  This day was like that.  Not a special day in and of itself.  In fact neither can remember the exact date.  But what happened that evening they will never forget.  Just like a song or a scent can take you right back to a moment.  To a memory that makes you smile with remembrance.  The mental picture so vivid you remember locations, lighting, textures and faces. 

Very much like the first kiss they shared, Ryan leaned over and gently kissed Amberly.  Not a long kiss, not a short kiss, but somewhere in-between.  When he pulled back slightly he looked into her eyes and said softly, almost in a whisper, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”  

In Amberly’s sparkling eyes, Ryan got the response he wanted. It’s a good thing, because as she opened her mouth to respond, a bunch of nonsense seemed to fall out all on its own.  Not the most romantic response, but all their remaining words were lost in the love of the moment.  No more awkward good-bye and good-nights.  From then on and forever it would be goodnight and I LOVE YOU.