Ten Years

Dear Ryan,

Today is the day. The one we asked each other about on the day of your wedding. I know there was a lot going on that day and it is all kind of a blur. But do you remember that conversation? It went something like this:

“What will our lives be like in 10 years? Will we have kids? Will we have a house? What will our careers look like? Where will we be living?”

As I stood looking out the front window with Reagan this morning waving and blowing you kisses as you backed the car out of the drive way and headed off to work, Brickly stood next to us panting softly on the hand print smudged window. I gave her head a pat. In that moment I remembered that conversation we had ten years ago. It made me smile.

In many ways our lives are exactly how we envisioned them:

  • We do have kids. Three beautiful wonderful children. Each so different in their personalities. Jaxton, the soft spoken, kind hearted oldest brother who is becoming a champion reader and loves playing any sport he can, especially if it is with you. He looks very similar to your younger self photos. The same dark thick hair that is often a bit overgrown and in need of a haircut. The same little freckles dotting his nose and cheeks. Then there is Cambria. She turns five next week but sure acts like she is turning 13 instead. From the moment she was born we knew she was very different from her brother. I’m not just talking about how her hair was so blond you could hardly see it. No, this girl is independent to the max! The best way to get her to accomplish something difficult is to simply tell her she can’t do it. Next is Reagan, our tender hearted soul who is already a peacemaker in our family. She gives the best hugs around and has somehow been able to sneak into our bed at night more times than both her older siblings combined.

  • We do own a house. A wonderful house. It had seen better days by the time we bought it. But it was ours, our first and we loved it. Still do.

In many ways our lives are different than we imagined they would be:

  • Our careers have been a little of what we envisioned and a lot of what we did not. I assumed I would continue to do hair, but life took me other directions. Afterwards I dreamed of being an event planner, mostly of planning weddings. Once again life took me other places. Now I am doing what I truly love, photographing joyful wonderful people on their most special day! You are a draftsmen working for a great company. It took several other jobs to get you to where you are today. Most of them not ones you would want to do again. You enjoy your current job but we both look forward to the day when we can do photography together full time.

  • Maybe ten years ago you envisioned us living in Utah. I did not. But Utah is where we are. It is beautiful here. We get to enjoy four distinct seasons, all lovely in their own way. We have the mountains as the backdrop to our house. There are endless hiking possibilities and places to explore. The people are kind. But a large part of me still hopes that one day we will venture out of this state and explore some others.

I have loved each one of these past ten years that have gotten us to where we are today. There have been both wonderful days and difficult ones. I wouldn’t change any of it. Combined they have shaped our lives together. Thank you Ryan for the man you have always been and for the man you have become. I love you so much and thank my Heavenly Father for you everyday. Lets see where the next ten years takes us!

Love Amberly

Photo Credit Chynna Pacheco at https://chynnapacheco.com/

Photo Credit Chynna Pacheco at https://chynnapacheco.com/