Idaho Horse and Field Senior Session

Senior sessions are one of our very favorite sessions to photograph!  What made this senior session even more fun, (I mean besides obviously the horse) is that this is my niece.  Sophie is one beautiful girl, inside and out.  She has a passion for horses, a zest for life and a compassionate heart for others.  We loved being able to spend time with her during our last trip to Idaho.  They live right next to this golden field of wheat which was in full bloom at just the right time. 

While we were there visiting Sophie had a horse competition so I was able to go and get some photos of the two of them all dressed up for that.  Although I never did horse competitions growing up, we did have horses and I loved to ride them!  It reminded me how much fun it was to grow up in small town Idaho with not only horses, but cows, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, bunnies and chickens!  We were city people living in a county world and it made for a perfect childhood!  A childhood that I now see my nieces and nephews living!

Thank you Sophie for letting Ryan and me spend some time with you taking these.  We loved every minute of it and hope that you love how your photos turned out as much as we do!